7 May 2012

Something for Hubby while he's away

My DH is Navy, so it happens often enough that he's gone on sails. This most recent sail was our longest yet. It's only 7 weeks and we've been away from each other longer than that, but it's always tough not being able to chat every day. And since it is only 7 weeks, I wasn't sure if he was going to be able to receive mail. So just in case, I decided to give him a package before he left. It had letters, drawings from the kids and quotes to last the whole trip. I made cards for the special occasions that would happen while he's at sea like his birthday and Easter. I made sure that he had something to open every other day, plus special occasions. Some days it's just a great quote that reflects our life with some little comments from me, others it's a drawing from our kids. I thought he would enjoy something to look forward to. And he has said that he loves it. He's also said that I may be stuck doing this for every sail LOL. I don't mind, he's so worth it ;)
It really didn't take much, just some time finding the right quotes. I searched the sentiment I was looking for (love, family) and with Google, I was able to select to view images. There were so many to choose from. I picked those that suited us best and just re-created them in a Word format using different fonts. I had lots of envelopes laying around with no cards for them, so I took the opportunity to use them up. I had previously bought the blank card/envelope sets from the Dollarama and used the cards for another project.

I know that there will be a next time so I'm already working on that. So many ideas swirling around!!

Happy crafting!


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