24 August 2012

Family Reunion Potato Salad

A few years ago, we attended a family reunion for my hubby's grandmother's family. I wasn't sure I wanted to go as my son was only 3-4 months old at the time. But we went and I'm happy we did. It was nice to sit and relax and just chat with everyone. But I really enjoyed the food. And my hubby and I fell in love with the potato salad. It was incredible. We were able to hunt down the potato salad maker and get a "recipe".
I made it the summer of 2010 when we got the recipe but then I forgot it and and forgot all about it!!!
Until about 2 weeks ago. And of course, I couldn't remember the recipe. And I didn't write it down. Then something amazing happened. I heard the recipe. Yup, I really did hear it. My son was playing with my hubby's old cell phone and managed to get into the voice recordings on the phone and played my voice over and over again detailing the recipe. I was so happy!! I've made it 3 times in the last week. It's so simple. The potatoes are the longest process of the whole salad. If garlic and fresh dill are a favorite, then you will love this recipe.

Family Reunion Potato Salad
source: T family

new potatoes
mayonnaise (not salad dressing)
garlic, minced
fresh dill, minced
fresh squeezed lemon juice

Cook your potatoes and cool them.
In a bowl, mix the mayo and garlic together. Then add the dill. Add in the lemon juice and a little bit of salt.
Taste test as you go so that you have a flavour that you are happy with. I tend to use 2 garlic cloves with about 1 1/2-2 cups of mayo. I use the juice from half the lemon to start. and then add a bit more until the mayo thins to the consistency that I like. For the dill, I use about 1 tsp chopped to start. I add more if I feel it needs it. And as for the salt, this is definitely a taste thing. We are a no salt house, so a little goes a very long way for us.

Once you are happy with the taste of the dressing, add it to your cold potatoes. I let it sit for a little bit before  the meal but really, you don't have to.

Happy cooking!


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