20 August 2012

Menu plan for the week of Aug 20, 2012

Well I took quite a break from menu planning but now that we are settling in to our new house and vacations are over, I have to get back to it. When I'm not organized, I feel upside down. So it's back on track for us!!
On top of menu planning, I am also going to be planning a freezer cooking day. I want to try and have a few meals frozen for those days that are too crazy to get a fresh meal on the table. We are staying away from fast food and anything pre-made which makes things pretty crazy if I'm having a very busy day. I also LOVE grocery shopping, so I take every opportunity to shop several times a week but that wreaks havoc on the bank account. The menu planning and freezer cooking will make life a little easier and will help the pocket book!!

Monday - Chicken on the BBQ, potatoes, broccoli

Tuesday - Spaghetti

Wednesday - steak on the BBQ, carrots

Thursday - pizza

Friday - ragout de boulettes/meatball stew

Saturday - leftovers

Sunday - slow cooker pork roast (recipe to come)


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