13 March 2012

A Pennant Banner

I have seen these cute material banners in people's pictures and on Pinterest. And since I will be doing a small type of business venture soon, I thought it would be a great addition to our set up. So I set out to make it. I picked up some material, you don't need much of it. I actually picked up some fat quarters and then some material from the discount shelves. I'll be honest, I didn't want to invest too much into decor as I really want my food to speak for itself! But of course the perfectionist side of me wants everything to be perfect and I think that decorating the table may help draw positive attention.
I was thinking spring/summer when I went to the fabric store, so that led me to pick these 4 different patterns.

Aren't they great spring colours?! I love them so much! 
I tried a few different sizes of triangles for the pennants and cut out the size I wanted onto a cardstock. I used my rotary cutter and mat to cut them out from the material. I am not making a huge banner, so I only needed 2 pennants of each colour. You need 2 pieces (front and back) per pennant. Put them wrong sides together and sew down one side, pivot at the tip and then back up. That's it! No need to sew across the top as it will closed up by the bias tape.

Then I pinned them to an extra wide bias tape that I had on hand. You could also use a wide ribbon, use what you have on hand. If you want a longer banner, then you will need more pennants. I placed the pennants on the inside of the bias tape and pinned them, slightly overlapping. And then I sewed down the bias tape and done! It didn't take long at all.
Once I have a picture of it pinned up at our table, I will definitely update this post to include it!

Happy crafting!


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