17 March 2012

Uncle Frankie's Marinara Sauce

I come from an Irish/French Canadian/Welsh/English background. So on one side (Irish/French), I have a very big, loud, bilingual, traditional family. Well, traditional in that we celebrate EVERY occasion with a big party and food. Lots of food. And add to this wonderful mix, my Italian uncle, Frankie. He can cook. Like really cook some amazing Italian fare. And we can eat. So it's a perfect blend. Now this recipe doesn't really have exact measurements, it's an on the fly, what are you feeling like today kinda recipe. And I love it! I make a big batch and then use it for every recipe that calls for a sauce. I use it in the baked chicken paremsan recipe and if I want a sauce with some ground meat in it (beef, turkey, chicken), I just cook up the meat, drain the fat, add some italian seasoning and then add the sauce. It's perfect every time! So without further ado, here's the recipe.

Uncle Frankie's Marinara Sauce
source: my Uncle Frank C.

2 cans of Italian tomatoes (Pastene or Primo), pureed in a blender
1 can of tomato paste
garlic (I tend to use about 6 cloves - use however much or little you like)
finely chopped onion (I use 1 small-medium, whatever I have on hand really)
Basil (fresh or dried)
Oregano (fresh or dried)
1 cup chicken stock*
salt and pepper
chili flakes, if you like a kick

*For the chicken stock, I tried the Campbell's ready to use stock and I didn't like the taste. So I tried using the powder from Loney and adding the recommended hot water (as per their instructions) and it was dead on!! Much cheaper on the pocket book too!

Sauté the onions and garlic either in a little bit of oil or spray the pot with cooking spray before adding them. Add in the pureed tomatoes and herbs. Next add the chicken stock and tomato paste. Stir it as you add to it to ensure it is well mixed. Let it simmer for at least 30-45 minutes on low.
Taste as you go and add missing seasonings, if any. That's it!! Very quick and simple! Oh and definitely tasty!!

Happy cooking!


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