27 February 2012

Menu Plan for the Week of February 27, 2012

Wow another week already!! I have a lot planned for the week but I'm not sure how much of it I am going to get through. I'm just going to do what I can. With all the stuff that I have to get done, planning my meals takes some guess work out of supper time making me less stressed. On top of my meal plans, this week I will be making some tacos in sleeping bags to freeze and some zero point soup for me. And of course in addition to all this, I am working on various sweets recipes, getting them ready and deciding which ones I will be selling. Yes, I am finally going to sell my baking. More on this in another post though. Back to the task at hand, this week's menu. Nothing really over the top, but there is one new recipe for us: chicken souvlaki, rice pilaf and lemon potatoes.
It's going to be a good week!!

Monday: Ham dinner (was supposed to be Sunday but it didn't happen), potatoes, broccoli

Tuesday: Chicken Souvlaki, rice pilaf, lemon potatoes, salad and maybe a veggie (recipe to come)

Wednesday: Leftovers

Thursday: BBQ Steaks (salmon for the kids), baked potato, carrots, salad

Friday: Homemade Pizza (recipe to come)

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Open for suggestions :)

Have a great week!


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