23 February 2012

Quick Kids Lunch Idea - Chicken Wraps

My kids love chicken nuggets/strips. LOVE them. I haven't found a recipe for homemade nuggets that I (and the kids) love yet. Until we find it, we buy whole wheat chicken strips from one of those big bulk stores and just cut the strips into nuggets. To change things up for the kids, I like to offer the nuggets in a wrap. When I ask what they want for lunch these days, they both say wrap!

Chicken Nugget Wraps
cooked chicken nuggets
shredded light cheddar cheese
lettuce (if your kids like it)
light ranch dressing
flour tortillas

Warm your chicken and tortillas. I cut my chicken nuggets into 3 tiny strips (or chicken strips into bite size pieces). Place some cheese on the tortilla, add the chicken. Then I put some ranch dressing and lettuce. Roll up so that both ends are closed and cut it in half. It's that simple! I usually serve this with some cut up veggies and some dip or a nice greek pasta salad that I make chock full of veggies. 

And just yesterday, I used chicken that we had grilled on the BBQ instead of nuggets. The kids just love it. The options with this are endless.  

Happy cooking!


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