5 April 2012

Homefries on the side

We enjoy to mix things up sometimes. We normally like our homefries to go with our big breakfast but since it's rare that we eat a big breakfast, we decided to add homefires to our BBQ meals. And it worked out great! Since it is no longer for breakfast, I'm able to spice up our fries a little bit more. These are great with burgers, steak, chicken or any time really.

Spiced Homefries
source: Sandra @ Little Bit Little Bite

white or red potatoes
canola oil
chili powder
onion powder
garlic powder
dried parsley
little cumin
touch of cayenne
sprinkle of crushed chilis
freshly ground pepper

Heat oven to 400F.
Mix spices together in a bowl with some oil. You do not want the mixture to be like a paste. You want it to be a little more liquid.
Wash, peel (optional) and dice your potatoes.  The quantity of potatoes will depend on you and how many you will be serving. I tend to do a lot because I like to have leftovers. Please you potatoes in a bowl.
Pour the spice mixture over your potatoes and toss. Place on a baking sheet and put in the oven.
Bake for 45-60mins, turning halfway through.

I've tried these on the BBQ as well and they work great. To speed things up on the BBQ, I cook them in the microwave for a bit before adding the spice mixture. When I feel that the potatoes are close to done, I add the spice mixture then divide into foil packets. They turn out pretty good!

Happy cooking!


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