16 April 2012

Menu Plan for the week of April 16, 2012

Here's my latest menu for the week. And although it's late on Monday, I still want to get this out!
Enjoy your week!

Monday - Spaghetti with Uncle Frankie's Marinara Sauce and Buttery Garlic Knots (recipe to come)

Tuesday - leftover pork roast and spaghetti (not together LOL)

Wednesday - Lemon and Garlic chicken on the BBQ, veggies and rice

Thursday - leftovers

Friday - Calzones made with homemade pizza dough

Saturday - Ragout de Boulettes or meatball stew (recipe to come), with potatoes and veggies

Sunday - leftovers

Definitely a lot of leftover meals this week, but if I don't then I will end up tossing food and wasting it.
So more leftovers it is!!


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